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~ Screaming O Mascara Vibrator – Chic & Discreet vibrator perfect for the naughty traveler or a night out on the town as it fits easily into your purse.

~ Screaming O Gloss – Orgasm-enhancing climax crème, concealed as lip gloss.

~ Screaming O Cooling Balm – Disguised as a high-end eye-shadow product, but can be used to apply to your lips (mouth or vagina) for a tingling, peppermint experience.

~ Screaming O Warming Balm - Open the lid to an arousing cinnamon taste and smell that will stimulate you sexually.


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Black Friday Sex Toy SALE


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Stay home November 23-24 and avoid all the crowds by shopping online. Christmas is around the corner and now is the perfect time to buy all your holiday gifts.

Not sure what to get your loved ones this holiday season? Why not get them something different, something naughty for all those who have been naughty this year?

On Sienna Sinclaire Sex Shop you can find gifts for all the people in your life. Have a someone who loves chocolate, jewelry, history, movies, or even traveling? You can find it on my sex store along with getting gift ideas here.

Make a list and check it twice then head over to Sienna Sinclaire Sex Shop to get all your gifts this year. From November 23-24, 2012 you will receive 20% off on all items purchased on my store by entering promo code at checkout:NAUGHTYTHANKS

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Naughty Holiday Gift Guide


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It’s the Month of Giving so each day of December, until Christmas, I’ll be recommending a great gift to give to your lover, and maybe you can use these suggestions to drop your lover some hints about what you’d like in return!


25 Naughty Gifts For Christmas!

1. Naughty Girl’s Guide To Los Angeles

This delicious book contains nearly 400 pages of hints, tips, history and fascinating facts about how to be a naughty girl in Los Angeles. Inside is travel information, tour tips, sexy photos, stories about naughty Los Angeles past and present, and tons of advice on how to live it up in the City of Angels. A great stocking filler.



2. Gifts for the beauty girl

Treat yourself to some essential beauty products…with a difference. Check out Screaming O’s Chic’n’Discreet Mascara Wand, for some sexy self-pleasuring on the go, or this blush brush, which will put color in your cheeks in a whole new way. Or try this naughty little compact and mirror, which is actually an erotic, powerful pocket massager. Great little gifts to give your purse an extra punch of pizzaz.



3. Gifts for the men in your life

Treat your guy to some early Christmas cheer with a cute little gift like this Tenga Egg masturbation sleeve, or make sure he’s thinking about you all day long, with this sexy, tight pocket pussy. Let him get his cock around some hot red lips any time he chooses, until he comes home to you, where you can get him ready for a long night ahead, thanks to these 3 beaded cock rings.



4. Gifts for the naughty girl

Naughty girls should always treat themselves, and Christmas is no exception. Don’t rely on your lover to give you pleasure – do it yourself! Go about your day and get orgasms on demand, with this kinky thong vibrator that sits happily between your legs as you ride the bus or sit at your desk. Just flick the switch, for an instant thunderbolt. Or put aside some proper me-time, and indulge in some wet and wild shower play with this waterproof rabbit.



5. Gifts for the handyman in your life

If you’re lucky enough to have a lover who’s good with his hands (!), make him put those DIY skills to good use. Buy him a fetish fantasy swing, that he’ll have no trouble installing in your boudoir, for some hot rocking fun. Or maybe surprise him with a position master, so you and he can get into all kinds of compromising positions. You could even make him dress up as a sexy Santa, to deliver your gifts very personally.



6. Gifts for the girl who loves jewelry

Sex yourself up with some glam jewelry that’s been designed especially for the bedroom. Try these gorgeous non-piercing nipple rings, to drive your man wild, or customize your clit with some saucy, painless clit clamps. Draw in your target of choice, with this pheromone bracelet, then keep him interested with a glow in the dark tongue vibe, for some forbidden pleasures.



7. Gifts for the fitness girl

Stay sexually healthy by toning those PC muscles every chance you get. Great gifts for fitness-conscious girls include kegel balls and other internal weights that not only keep you toned, but can add intensity to your orgasms. Another great gift for the fitness girl, is her very own pole to dance around. Bring the strip club into your home!



8. Gifts for the sexy chef

Give meal times some extra spice by buying your lover a sexy little outfit to get cooking in. Who knows what you’ll end up with for dessert, when you see her rustling up dishes in her tiny little pastry chef outfit, or a Kiss The Chef uniform. And girls, don’t let him have all the fun. Why not buy him a hunky chef’s kit that’s very easy to rip off when the temperature gets too hot.



9. Gifts for book lovers

As well as the Naughty Girl’s Guide To Los Angeles, you can also check out these other naughty sex books to educate and spice up your sex life. Learn about everything from female ejaculation and a woman’s guide to anal sex, to great sex games.



10. Gifts for the party girl

If you like dressing up for a hot, naughty night out, why not put one of these erotic little numbers on your Christmas wishlist. There’s everything from a black cut out seamless mini dress, silver rouched club dress to low neck LBD and many more sexy club dresses here.



11. Gifts for the fetishist 

Christmas is the time to get festive and fetishist. Try out some new toys, like nipple clamps, a cat o’ nine tails or a Singapore Stinger. Or have some sub fun with a ball & gag, or hot pink rope and cuff set. Christmas kinky!



12. Gifts for the single girl 

Single girls require, and deserve, instant gratification. So if a real hunk is unavailable, get the next best thing, and don’t skimp on the details. For climaxes in all the right places, and all at the same time, treat yourself to waterproof double penetrator or, even better, a triple kiss vibrator. For some hot solo shower sex, check out this suction dildo. So good, you’ll have to drag yourself back to dry land.



13. Gifts for animal lovers

Bring out your animal instincts with a vibrating tiger panties, a zebra vibrator, or the ultimate in dolphin and rabbit vibes.  Get wet and wild with this bondage rubber duckie vibrator, from Big Tease Toys.



14. Gifts for couples

Try not to be selfish this festive season. Buy presents that both of you can benefit from. Try a glow in the dark vibrating cock ring, for some intimate, lights-off action, or get rocking with this Wonderful Wabbit, for ultimate simultaneous stimulation.



15. Gifts for the single guy

Guys, don’t go empty-handed this Christmas. Get your cock stuck into this Wraparound Sallie, for some hot pussy action, or experience a new kind of orgasm, with this intimate prostate massager. Other great ‘cocking’ fillers include this super sucker masturbator, and the ever-popular Fleshlight.



16. Gifts for the movie buff

Sick of the all the boring TV on over the Christmas period? Then choose your own entertainment, with a sexy movie to get off to over the turkey and champagne. Pirates is an erotic romp on the high seas, or perhaps you’d prefer 50 Shades of Grey XXX, for some kinky fun. The superheroes among you will get hot under the collar watching Samson get it on with some sexy Amazons, while Darkside is the ultimate movie for hardcore gangster fans. You can find more naughty porn movies here for gifts.



17. Gifts for the historian

It’s good to educate ourselves and learn about the past, so what better way to research how they fucked in olden times, by settling down to these ‘educational’ movies, like the classic vintage Behind the Green Door,  centuries-old techniques with The Art of Kama Sutra, or erotic ancient Greek sex in Aphrodite. Learn about the lives of some of history’s greatest sexual thinkers, like Josephine Baker and the legendary Hugh Hefner, or widen your horizons and educate yourself on the role of sex in Western culture, or marvel at how far sex toys have come in the last few centuries. Read about true life courtesans and madams, and the history of prostitution in America. It’s fascinating stuff.



18. Gifts for the beauty junkie 

Girls cannot have enough sexy little additions to their beauty routine. Pamper yourself with body oils, or make yourself literally good enough to eat with body powders. Always have a sexy lip gloss to hand, and keep your pheromones pumping out with these perfumes.



19. Gifts for the naughty traveler

Just because you’re away from home, doesn’t mean you have to behave yourself. Make sure to pack some sexy essentials, for orgasms on the move. Invest in a perfect travel companion vibe, a travel-size Rub My Duckie, or travel bags for your sex toys. Find more naughty travel ideas here.



20. Gifts for Game Lovers

We all love playing naughty games, and holidays are the best time to do it. Buy your lover something fun and kinky, like these Hot Beavers Playing Cards, or some Blowjob Coupons, which you can cash in at any time. Sexy board games include Sensations and Bedroom Rockstar.



21. Gifts for Porn Star Lovers

Most of us fantasize at some point about starring in our own porno. Get some practice in, by using sex toys modeled on the privates of the porn stars. Girls can get off with a realistic John Holmes cock, while the guys can feel what it’s like to fuck Sasha Grey or Sophia Rossi with a tailored pocket pussy.



22. Gifts for Chocolate Lovers

Who doesn’t like chocolate? Whether you’ve got a naughty sweet tooth, or you just like to indulge on special occasions, check out these dark treats, like this jelly chocolate dream vibe, or this Kama Sutra sweetheart box. Don’t let Christmas Day go unlicked, with some chocolate fantasy body topping.



23. Gifts for Sci-Fi Geeks

Loving sci-fi doesn’t make you a nerd, but even if it did, you can make sure you’re a naughty nerd, with gifts like this Fleshlight Freaks Cyborg Dildo, or a Frankenstein Fleshlight, to get you masturbating to the max.



24. Gifts for the naughty decorator

If your love to have sexy, erotic furniture and decorations around your home, you should be spoiled this Christmas. Be decadent, with a sultry chandelier, set the mood with a Tibetan incense burner, or get inspired for pictures to put up around your home, with this History of Erotic Photography book.



25. Gifts for the Lingerie Lover

Whether you want to feel sexy in bed, or you just like to feel something sensual next to your skin, lingerie is very erotic, for both you and your lover. Make him splash out, by getting you a hot fishnet bodystocking, a seriously seductive rumba crotchless thong, for some dirty Christmas dancing, or raise the temperature with a hot pink seamless sheer dress.


Naughty Halloween Decorating


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Halloween gives people a reason to show their mischievous side, without others thinking anything of it. You can get away with things during Halloween that would probably be more noticeable at any other time of year. Of course, what you get up to the in the bedroom, is always your business, but make the most of Halloween by maybe accentuating other areas of your life to show off your naughty side. Gone are the days when Halloween was just about pumpkins and monsters. Today, we can look and act how we like, the sluttier the better, so for us girls, especially, it gives us a chance to really push the boundaries, and take the sexy lingerie beyond the realms of the boudoir, and out onto the street! At the very least, we should make the most of having a Halloween home, so push the boat out and give your house or apartment a proper Halloween feel, and invite your friends and lovers round to join in the festivities.


Pumpkin Carving

Don’t let the kids have all the fun. Buy a special naughty ‘pornkin’ carving kit, and hold a party for you and your friends, to see who can be naughtiest. Carve your pumpkins into different sexual positions, and have a sexy prize for the winner – a vibrator, dildo, or naughty party game that everyone can join in with. You don’t have to display these perky pumpkins outside your home (unless you want to!), but you can always put them in the bedroom, for inspiration later on.


Red Sheets 

What better time of year to get all steamy and hot in the bedroom, than at Halloween? Invest in some luxury satin sheets for your bed, and feel the inner vampire burst out of your body once you’ve got your lover right where you want him. To me, there is nothing more erotic than the feel of satin sheets rubbing against my naked body. And when those sheets are blood-red, it makes me feel even lustier.



Add black or red netting to your bed to make it more Halloween-ish. It’s just great for putting you in the mood for some supernatural fun, and you could maybe add some cobweb fabric, too, which is easy to find in most drapery stores. Girls, try and get a hold of some cobweb-effect stockings, which you should be able to find in fancy dress stores. Your guy will not be able to resist the sight of you writhing around on top of those satin sheets, in your sexy witch’s lingerie.


Red Lights 

Lighting is always important, especially in the boudoir. But try adding that red glow throughout your home at Halloween, so the whole place has that air of forbidden pleasure and supernatural temptation. It can even look scary, which we all know can help crank up the sexual tension. You can buy red light bulbs, or maybe some vintage red lampshades. Red candles are always a winner, and have the advantage of being mobile, so you can bring the redness from room to room, quickly and easily. If you’ve got time, try rummaging about in flea markets or antique shops, for something unusual, like a skull lamp, pumpkin shade, or something truly Gothic.



For the Halloween season, try changing your wall art for a month. You should have erotic art all around your home, anyway, but try mixing it up by hanging scary Halloween pictures, or ghostly photographs. Sexy vampires, Halloween cuties and fantasy art, are very easy to get a hold of, and always think about your colors and the atmosphere you want to create. From the moment you walk through your front door, you want to see something dangerous and alluring, to instantly put you in the mood for some spiritual fooling around.


Black or Red Curtains

A drastic, yet easy, Halloween effect, is to change your curtains for the month. Curtains frame not just windows, but the whole room, so you can achieve instant results by just swapping your usual drapes for something sexier, darker and naughtier. Try these affordable options, and notice straight away the dramatic effect they can have on your home.


216″ Black Sheer Voile - polyester, sheer black drape.

Set of 2 x 84″ Tailored Black Drapes – beautiful and sweeping, for instant effect.

216″ Burgundy Sheer Window Scarf - instantly turns a room into a boudoir.

Set of 2 x 84″ Red Voile Curtains – great for turning any room into an 1980s soft rock video! Sultry and sexy.


Sex Toys For Halloween


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Every night is a good night for playing around with sex toys – either alone or with your lover. So with Halloween approaching, there’s an added excuse to maybe experiment with something a little spicier, something you may not have tried before. Include different outfits, too, in your night of experimentation. Sometimes, when you’re dressed for the part, it can enhance your confidence and make you feel more willing to try new things. It’s all about having fun and letting yourself go. You can indulge fantasies with your lover, or just treat yourself to a new sex toy that you can enjoy all by yourself. Scare yourself!

Halloween Sex Toys For Women:

Alien Dildo

This is a real monster, made from latex-free, platinum-cured silicone. It’s incredibly realistic, and the weird and wonderful color makes it literally stand out from any other dildo or dong you may have used before. You’ll get some real out-of-this-world fun and games with this, and the detail in the design is just amazing. Don’t be frightened!

Dracula Dildo

Another amazing dildo from Fleshlight. It’s a rocking red color, with intricate cock detail, and is ideal if you’ve got a vampire fetish going on. Get your lover to use it on you, or have some hardcore fun yourself. It’s big enough, and realistic enough, to induce some seriously erotic Dracula role-play.

Treasure Chest Vibrator

This multi-speed vibrator is the ideal addition to your pirate toy box. Start some steamy Pirates of the Caribbean action by getting your lover to use this toy on you, or enjoy some solo high seas adventure of your own. It comes in a very cute, matching treasure chest that you could just have sitting on your night stand, and no-one will guess what’s inside it. It’s got easy button control, and is  a perfect size for traveling. A very beautiful, erotic sex toy.

Pirate Vibrating Duckie

Every girl needs a vibrating duckie in their bathroom, and this one adds a little more adventure. It’s a very cute pirate duck that just asking to be played with. Enjoy this handsome fella in the shower or bath (or even just in bed – he’ll make you come anywhere). The motor is powerful and surprisingly quiet, but he’ll whip up those bubbles in no time. He even comes with a gorgeous little satin-lined treasure chest, so you can hide him away from plunderers.

Frankenstein Dildo

This dildo from the Fleshlight Freaks range is a gigantic 10.25 inches of pure pleasure. The shaft is so realistic and detailed, your eyes will pop out on stalks at the sight of it. It’s made from silicone (so is latext-free), and is guaranteed to reach all those hidden places many dildos can’t reach. Instead of simply being called ‘Frankenstein’, it should really be named ‘Frankenstein’s Monster’.

Halloween Sex Toys For Men:

Alien Pussy

You can rely on Fleshlight to come up with some scarily steamy sex toys for guys. This alien pussy has a double clitoris and combines three different textures for multiple sensations. The vortex canal sleeve gives way to a Lotus node, and then you’ll be able to finish off with the intense STU (stamina training unit). It’s one of the most intricate pussies out there, and will help you to last longer when you’re inside the real thing. Use it with your lover for dual fun, or just practice to your cock’s content.

Dracula Pussy

Made from Fleshlight’s famous SuperSkin, this pussy has amazing internal texture that’ll make you want to come after just a few strokes. Let your lover use it on you as part of some sexy Dracula role-play, or simply enjoy discovering your own inner vampire.

Zombie Pussy

This is Fleshlight’s best seller, and it’s not hard to see why. The SuperSkin sleeve feels awesome so you’ll have to practice a bit to stop yourself coming too quickly. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll never go back to using just your hand ever again. There’s 10 inches of pussy to lose yourself in, too, so that’ll really zombify you.

Jesse Jane Stroker

Famous for its appearance in the porn movie, “Pirates”, this CyberSkin stroker is 6.5 inches of masturbation nirvana. Let ‘Jesse Jane’ take your cock on a journey of ultimate pleasure – she’s tight, tantalizing and ready to get your rocks off.

Pirates Cock Ring

You and your lover will both find your hidden treasures with this beautiful cock ring. The intricate copper bullet vibe slips in and out of the ring with ease, and there’s a clitoral stimulator, plus 3 speeds and 2 variable vibration modes. It comes with a stunning little velvet travel pouch, so you and your lover can become pirates whenever and wherever the mood takes you.

Cast A Sex Spell


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Sex magic is all about sexual energy. So use it to boost your sensuality and to seduce your lover. Get it on this Halloween by casting a spell over your lover and watch sparks fly.

Or if you’re single this Halloween you can still cast a sex spell on yourself. Who says you have to have a partner to have fun sexually. Don’t let your libido go to the wayside just because you’re single, get it on with yourself to keep your sexual energy flowing.

The following sex spells below can be used on your lover, on someone you want to notice you or on yourself. You can start by using one sex spell at a time or use all five for best results.

5 ways to cast sex spells by using all of your 5 sexual senses:

Smell – Incense

Throughout history incense has been used to create pleasure and provoke sexual energy. So why not use incense in your love life for creating sex spells. Below are a few that will get your lovers juices flowing and yours.

- Patchouli

It’s often used in sex magic because it’s known to be an aphrodisiac. And it’s associated with love and sexual power because it awakens and provokes sexual energy. So if you want to cast a spell by having someone feel attracted to you or even better horny for you then experiment using patchouli incense sticks or oils.

You can wear patchouli oil by applying it directly on your skin while you’re out and about to attract the attention of others. If the scent is too strong for you then dilute it with water before applying it to your skin. You can even place patchouli leaves in a sachet and carry it in your pocket, purse or around your neck.

Or light patchouli incense sticks the next time your lover comes over. They will be under your spell as soon as they enter your place and smell the erotic scents of patchouli. Plus it’s great for solo play when you want to set the mood.

- Peppermint

If your partner is known for always being tired when it comes to getting it on then cast a spell to wake them up for sex by using peppermint oil or incense in your bedroom or around your house. Peppermint is believed to help you stay awake, alert and energized which is great when it comes to having sex all night long.

Sight – Color Red

The most important color to use in sex magic is red. Just the sight of it promotes sex, passion, vigor, vitality, lust, power and strength. It’s also the most popular color of choice for brothels as it gets people in the mood for sex!

So if you want to cast a spell on people or on your lover while you’re out then wear a sexy red dress. It will definitely grab people’s attention! Or next time you’re setting the scene for a romantic rendezvous at your place with someone special or for yourself use the color red throughout your house or where ever you want to get it on. For example, light red candles, buy red roses, change out your light bulbs with red lights, wear sexy red lingerie and/or put red sheets on your bed for a night of hot passion.
Taste – Herbal Sex Potions

Kick start your lover’s sexual libido by having them sip on your magic sex potion. You can even test it out on yourself to see how sexually charged you get. Try it when you’re alone for some one-on-one play time or when you’re catering to that someone special. The herbs below can help bring back passion into your sex life.

Panax Ginseng

This is a great herb because it enhances sexual stimulation in both men and women. Plus many think of panax ginseng as an aphrodisiac because it appears to strengthen sexual desire and help your body deal with stress which can be a libido downer.

To make your herbal sex potion boil water and pour it into a tea cup with your panax ginseng tea bag then steep for five to ten minutes. Feel free to add honey, sugar and/or milk to sweeten your tea. Now you’re ready to make magic happen.

Other Sexual Enhancement Herbs


-Potency Wood

-Ginkgo Biloba


Sound – Erotica

Nothing is sexier to your lover than the sound of your voice especially when reading naughty erotic stories to them. It’s the perfect magic spell to cast upon your partner as it will get their libido going along with moving sexual energy throughout their body. Plus it will turn you on when reading them! You can even choose to read erotica all alone for when you’re feeling frisky.
Touch – Massage

Remember that sex magic is all about sexual energy so if you’re feeling that your sexual energy is blocked then nothing works better at releasing it than a massage. Touch is a very important human need because it creates bonding, it’s good for our health and it releases endorphins in the brain that make us feel good. However, many of us don’t get enough touch in our lives.

If you’re single then book a massage at a spa and get your sexual energy flowing again. Maybe you have a date that night or one with yourself? Getting a massage beforehand will get your sexual juices flowing along with relieving any tension and releasing endorphins.

For those of you with a special someone in your life then use your magic touch to turn them on and get them off. Set the mood by using all four of the other senses as described above. Once you have them under your spell take it to the next level with an erotic massage. Make sure to use ylang ylang oil which will turn them on even more.

Ylang Ylang

If you’re in the mood for sex, then get your lover ready by burning some ylang ylang oil or incense sticks or using it as a massage oil. It’s renowned for its aphrodisiac properties.


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